Energize Senses
Traditional Thai Massage
By Luc Pelnier



« Traditional Thai Massage »
is an ancient form of therapeutic healing practice. This eastern bodywork intends to restore your own balance …

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An in-depth Thai Massage training, this intensive bodywork is suitable for new students, massage therapists, body-workers, trainers, …

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Luc Pelnier
Traditional Thai Massage

Luc’s initial intention was to learn the way of Thai Massage from Master Pichest but soon felt a tug in a different direction.
Following some advice from Yogi Cyriac in Kerala, Luc enrolled in a course with The School of Massage for Health, held by Picnic, who also holds the chair of massage in Chiang Mai.
Now it was all too clear that his destiny was to become a teacher himself and develop a practice based not on thinking and rules but feeling and intuition.

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