July 5, 2016

10468006_10204933097790016_1852219778503583949_oPart 1: Emancipation.

In 2010, as a budding engineering graduate in Paris, Luc set to work fulfilling the promise of his studies. By the following year it was clear that this career path, although resectable and secure, was far from his true calling. The stifling city life did however, serve as a perfect catalyst for the next chapter.

“Dans la nature rien ne se crée, rien ne se perd, tout change.”
“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.”

With Antoine Lavoisier’s words at his heels, Luc knew the only way was forward, through experience. He freed himself from the fetters of conformity, with a mind fine tuned to scientific logic and practical reasoning, to embark upon an altogether more enlightening path.

Part 2: “The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.” – Blaise Pascal.

In Australia, the ferocious and humbling beauty of Tasmania as witnessed from his camper-van home, inspired meditations on energy waves and the interconnectedness of man and nature. Later, life on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (and trips to the impossibly exotic Philippine archipelago) secured an interest in and dedication to the surfing lifestyle and a developing interest in the philosophy of energy.

When he was not surfing, Luc delved into personal studies and experiments in natural medicine, ancient holistic traditions such as Ayurveda, the power of essential oils and bee products, massage and homeopathy (a longstanding Pelnier family preference).

In April 2014, when an Australian residency visa failed to materialise, Luc knew it was not a disaster but another example of divine timing.

He bowed out gracefully from the tropical beach life, carrying with him a memento of his time in Queensland in the form of a classic fish, hand-shaped in a friends back garden. With a heart full of optimism and curiosity he arrived in Kerala, southern India on a mission to bring peace and balance to the mind and body by first of all learning Thai massage. He studied under Cyriac, founder of the School Of Thai Yoga Massage in India, lived in a traditional Ayurvedic Kalari Center and learned Ayurvedic massage too.

He returned to Hossegor, France in time for the summer season and made his first foray into life as a paid masseuse. The possibility of making a business from a passion came into focus. Perhaps he could have settled into formal study in France and set up a generic practice but “ordinary” is not Luc’s style. At the end of 2014, as was now his custom, Luc stepped away from the apparent security and routine of his homeland and followed his heart to Costa Rica.

The time he spent surfing empty and challenging waves on his trusty fish and tube-shooter single fin (shaped by another friend, Jimmy, in France), meditating in the jungle, baking bread with his host family, giving massages and understanding the Tico culture remains the most serene period of his life to date. This deeply self-reflective and transformative phase saw Luc accepting wholeheartedly the path of a multi-discipline masseuse and student of it’s related philosophies. Emerging from the cocoon of his Costa Rican nook, he returned to France with a mind full of new ideas.

In Hossegor this time he lived in semi-hermitude, setting up a rudimentary camp in the dunes (Morning of The Earth style) and worked at the resort by day. His clients were visibly impressed and his workload was ever growing. The long tiring days were offset by the pure freedom and solitude of life in the dunes and the mind-body awareness it afforded. As in Costa Rica, Luc was deep within himself but also very much present among family and friends. This dual lifestyle taught him the importance of Balance, in every sense of the word. In order to spread love to those around him, he must take the time to truly love himself and be the most balanced version of himself.

“Love your neighbour as yourself.” – Jesus Christ.

By now, France was secured as a familiar seasonal base where he could impart his knowledge and teachings to the people of the southern beaches, earn a modest wage and venture deeper into holistic practices such as making hydrolats and studying the work of Nobel Prize winning scientist Luc Montagnier.

Part 3: Thailand and The Fully Illuminated Path.

Luc’s first trip to Chiang Mai in 2015 was driven by a sudden need to leave France, at a time when the surfing was going to be the best, in order to and look his destiny in the eyes.

Luc’s initial intention was to learn the way of Thai Massage from Master Pichest but soon felt a tug in a different direction. Following some advice from Yogi Cyriac in Kerala, Luc enrolled in a course with The School of Massage for Health, held by Picnic, who also holds the chair of massage in Chiang Mai. Now it was all too clear that his destiny was to become a teacher himself and develop a practice based not on thinking and rules but feeling and intuition.

After graduating and before heading back to France, Luc spent time with Master Lar who understood his vision of Thai Massage and the way in which he wished to perform the art.

Back in France, his ability to listen, understand and share peoples burdens became stronger. He was getting closer to the interaction between body and mind as his senses became sharper and he honed his intuition.

Part 4: Developing a practice and spreading Love.

Looking back, Luc’s travels have been (and will continue to be) pilgrimages to the people and places that offer essential knowledge and lessons in the disciplines and lifestyles that have come to be his highest values: Energy, Love, Peace, Mind-Body, Man-Nature, The Moment.

Nowadays, life seems to move in a vibrant slow motion for him. It is critical for him to understand and see deeper into what The West and the East call Energy. Some see it as grounded in science and rationalised by reason. Others embrace the realm of unexplainable and unquantifiable ideas, focusing more on feeling.

A melding of these two perspectives is Luc’s mission. He is in the process of blending Thai Yoga, (which itself is based on Ayurvedic tradition), Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage and an interest in the Tao. He feels that the Tao is the most important key to this mind-body connection, as it encompasses the whole study, practice and understanding of energy. It will lead him to the Grand Master Mantak Chia based in the Tao Garden in Chiang Mai and eventually, when the time is right, to China.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.”


                                                                                                                                                                by Tom Ansell (@far_out_cafe)



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